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La arena para gatos

septiembre 21, 2023

La arena para gatos .
«La arena para gatos» is a Mexican telenovela produced by TV Azteca in 2003.
Jorge Salinas stars as the protagonist, while Gabriela Spanic and Ana Patricia Rojo star as the co-.protagonists.
The story of «La arena para gatos» revolves around two families: The Aragón Family and The Soto Family. The Aragón family is made up of patriarch, Antonio Aragón (Jorge Salinas)., his wife, María Elena (Ana Patricia Rojo). and their three sons: Emiliano (Juan Manuel Bernal)., José Luis (Nacho López). and Pedro (Alfonso Dosal). The Soto family is made up of patriarch, Isidro Soto (René Strickler)., his wife, Isabel Soto (Martha Sabrina). and their two children: José Ignacio (Wenceslao Padilla Jr.). and Isabelita.
Isidro Soto’s daughter, Isabelita falls in love with Emiliano Aragón’s son, José Luis. They are both from different social classes but they share the same interests in life. They seem to have it all until a tragic event changes their lives forever. As if that were not enough to bear, Isidro’s reckless business decisions lead to him losing everything he had including his own company. His wife leaves him after many years together and goes back to live with her mother in Veracruz where she was born; while he struggles to keep his sanity amidst all this chaos. .
Meanwhile, Antonio Aragón’s youngest son Pedro falls in love with Isabelita but she rejects him because she feels that he was only interested in her because of the money that her father left behind for her when he died -. which is what led to Pedro’s rejection of her advances in the first place when they were much younger. .
Pedro gets married to another woman who later on dies giving birth to their child -. leaving Pedro alone once again without any family or friends who can understand his pain when he most needs them most. .
Antonio Aragon decides that it would be best for everyone if they sold all their properties so that each one could start anew without any ties from the past holding them back from achieving what they want most out of life; thus ending «La arena para gatos».